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Discover Our Future with D’Floc

We envision a world where every small farmer is able to enjoy the fruits of industrial aquaculture farming and also bring fresh seafood to their home and or village with D’Floc in a box. Each D’Floc in a box is prefabricated and modular thus making it deployable as simple as fixing up your IKEA furniture.


Anyone with an empty space of 100m2 would be able to get started and they could increase their output by simply installing more D’Flox boxes at their own comfortable pace.

Low Cost, Sustainable and Recyclable Natural Process

Biofloc Technology.png

The major costs of industrial aquaculture farming goes to high quality feed costs and wastewater treatment which uses specialized machines that are expensive and bulky to set up. D’Floc in a box could significantly reduce these costs by over 80% simply by replacing our wastewater treatment using natural microbes known as Biofloc technology. 

Biofloc is low cost mean of culture cleaning as it requires only natural environment of sunlight, carbohydrate source and plenty of aeration to function. It can break down toxic ammonia and nitrate in the water into a strong bio-environment for the livestock to thrive. Simultaneously, Biofloc banks on photosynthesis to convert uneaten feed and faeces into food that are nutritious for the livestock thus significantly reducing feed costs through recycling.

Successful Pilot with 32x Efficiency Output

We successfully ran a 300m2 prawn farming at a test site in Malacca Malaysia using Biofloc technology. We called this test D"Floc and ran a full cycle of 4 times harvest. Results from D'Floc shows that we could produce 28.8 kg/m2 of prawns when using biofloc to treat the water as compared to a traditional farm output of 0.9kg/m2 using only 1/5 of the normal costs. This equates to a 32x efficency output. 

We strongly believe that with further R&D, we could bring down the costs further, increase efficiency output and repackage into D’Floc in a box to be re-distributed out and empower our small farmers across South East Asia.


More Than Just Precision Farming

We understand that farming involves a complex process across multi stakeholders and therefore simply providing farmers with the tools to farm better is not enough. We seek to go beyond by building an end – end digital ecosystem connecting the farmers from production - sales powered by our D’Floc technology.

We strive to build a market network ecosystem connecting the various value stakeholders across the food supply chain to the farmers from feed, medicinal and livestock suppliers to financial institutions. With the eventual aggregation of small farmers using our D’Floc in a Box, we can provide a unified sales platform direct to buyers thus eliminating the un-necessary middle man and increasing profits

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