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Dr. Howard Tang

CEO & Co-Founder


Dr Howard Tang graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a bachelor of engineering (Electrical & Electronics engineering) and is a Doctor of Philosophy (PHD). Since graduation, Dr Howard pursued entrepreneurship path and had founded companies in hospitality, F&B and most notably founding Smart Animal Husbandry Care (SAHC) where he had served as CTO & subsequently COO.


SAHC is a China based agri-tech firm specializing in precision agriculture which makes use of electronics & software for pigs health monitoring and estreus detection. SAHC went on to raise venture funding of up to 30M USD from prominent investors such as Hillhouse Ventures and prolific angel investor Koh Boon Hwee. 

Glen Liu

CSO & Co-Founder


Glen is the managing partner of GHS Partners & Advisory (GHS) - a growth strategy & venture studio firm that invests and partners with early stage startup founders to grow & help scale them in becoming the next generation of SEA startup champions. Under GHS portfolio consists of Haulio, Digital Container Logistics platform, BuildMemo, Fundraising Saas, and most recently Aquatronik.


Glen has accumulated more than 9 years experience in building startups specializing in market expansion, partnerships and fundraising and has successfully helped startups to raise more than USD$30M funding. Glen oversees the company strategy, go to market and fundraising for Aquatronik.

Yit Xiang Tung

CPO & Founding Team Member


Yit Xiang is our local aquaculture expert and come with vast experience in the field. He has designed, operated and fully commercialized (Semi-Intensive) fully recirculating aquaculture vertical Farming for the Fattening Scylla Species (80 KM away from the coast), built-up the mud crab market demand for the consumers of Kluang Township and achieved up to 95% of market share of the supply of mud crabs with distribution channels involving B2c and B2B.


Yit Xiang is also the founder and CEO at Ras Aquaculture where he consulted and Trained more than 1000+ clients in aquaculture, biofloc, mud crabs farming etc. In 2021, Yit Xiang designed and operated a zero discharge biofloc shrimp farming systems (80 KM away from the coast) where it is now in sub commercial stage distributing shrimps to restaurants and markets nearby.

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